George Towne
Occupation:  Painter / Visual Artist

M.F.A. School of Visual Arts 1997
B.F.A. School of Visual Arts 1990

One & Two-Person Exhibitions:
“Painted Love: Artwork by George Towne” 7/2013
One-Person Exhibition 7/10 – 7/27,
Michael Mut Gallery, 97 Avenue C (near 6th Street), NYC
“George Towne: Portraits & Landscapes” 6/2012
One-Person Exhibition 6/1 – 7/14,
Michael Mut Gallery, 97 Avenue C (near 6th Street), NYC
“The Company Of Men: Recent Paintings By George Towne” 6/2011
One-Person Exhibition 6/2 – 7/9,
Michael Mut Gallery, 97 Avenue C (near 6th Street), NYC

“Portraits by Aileen Boyce and George Towne” 9/2004
The Barbara Ann Levy Gallery, Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY
“George Towne – Portraits” 2/2004
Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY

“The Ground Zero Portraits – New Work by George Towne” 9/2003
The Barbara Ann Levy Gallery, Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY

“Full Frontal – Paintings & Prints by George Towne” 11/2002
LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St., NYC

Recent (Selected) Group Exhibitions:

Equity Gallery, "Members Invitational" Group Show 1/2024
Berry Campbell Gallery, "Postcards From The Edge”– Benefit/Visual AIDS 1/24


Atlantic Gallery, "Connections VII" Small Works Group Show 7/2023
Soho Project Space, "Dirty Little Drawings" group show/sale curated by Harvey Redding, Rob Rosen, and Rocco Buonpane 6/2023
Ortuzar Projects, "Postcards From the Edge”– Benefit/Visual AIDS  1/2023

Atlantic Gallery, "Connections VI" Small Works Group Show 7/2022
Soho Project Space "It's a Queer, Queer, Queer World" group show curated by Harvey Redding and Rob Rosen 6/2022

Atlantic Gallery, "Connections V" Small Works Group Show 7/2021
National Arts Club, "Painting the Narrative" group exhibition curated by Dee Shapiro, May/June 2021

National Arts Club, "Creative Pride” curated by Robert Yahner 9/2019
Atlantic Gallery, "Connections IV" Small Works Group Show 7/2019
LeslieLohman Museum Wooster St., "The Male Gaze" Collection Show 3/2019
Bortolami Gallery, "Postcards From The Edge”– Benefit/Visual AIDS  1/2019
Atlantic Gallery, "Connections III" Small Works Group Show 7/2018
National Arts Club, "Outside the Lines” group show of Drawings 9/2018
Gallery 524, "Postcards From The Edge”– Benefit/Visual AIDS  1/2018
LeslieLohman Museum Prince St., "Proud Packages-Erotic Art Fair" 12/2017
LeslieLohman Museum Wooster St., "Art & AIDS: 35 Yrs of Survival" 11/2017
Atlantic Gallery, "Connections II" Small Works Group Show 7/2017
LeslieLohman Museum Wooster St., "Expanded Visions" Collection Show 3/2017
Metro Pictures, "Postcards From The Edge”– Benefit/Visual AIDS  1/2017
National Arts Club, "The Warmth of Winter" group exhibition 12/2016
Howl! Happening Gallery, "Allied Productions Benefit Exhibition" art show 12/2016
Re-Bar (G-Bar & Lounge), "D.U.I.: Drawing Under The Influence" art show 12/2016
LeslieLohman Museum Prince St., "Dirty Little Drawings"-Art show/sale 10/2016
National Arts Club, "Contemporary Figures-Form Beyond Function” show 9/2016
LeslieLohman Museum Wooster St., "4th Annual Founders Gala Auction" 3/2016
Sikkema Jenkins, "Postcards From The Edge”– Benefit/Visual AIDS  1/2016

LeslieLohman Museum Wooster St., "On The Domestic Front"   9/2015
LeslieLohman Museum Wooster St., "Interface" curated by Walt Cessna 5/2015
LeslieLohman Prince St, "Dirty Little Drawings”  weekend art show/sale 3/2015
LeslieLohman Museum Wooster St., "Art&AIDS: Amor y Pasion"  1/2015
SVA Chelsea Gallery, "We tell Stories” SVA Alumni Show 12/2014
National Arts Club, "Meeting Mythology” curated by Robert Yahner 9/2014
Art for Action, HousingWorks curated/Scooter LaForge/Johnny Rosza 7/2014
National Arts Club, Gramercy Park "Arbor Day” curated/Robert Yahner 4/2014
Luhring Augustine "Postcards From The Edge”–Benefit/Visual AIDS  1/2014
LeslieLohman Museum Wooster St., "Art&AIDS:Perceptions of Life"  12/2013
LeslieLohman Museum Wooster St., "Recent Acquisitions”   8/2013
LeslieLohman Prince St, "Spunk Mag No. 9 Launch/Exhibition”  8/2013
LeslieLohman Prince St, "Boys of Summer”–Pines Nude Drawing Show  4/2013
Sikkema Jenkins, "Postcards From The Edge”–Benefit/Visual AIDS 1/2013

Kymara Gallery (Biddeford, Maine), "Affordable Erotic Art Sale" 12/2012
LeslieLohman Museum, "Art & AIDS: It's Not Over", Group Show 12/2012
Metropolitan Pavilion, GLAAD Art Auction, Exhibition, Part & Sale 11/2012
LeslieLohman Annex Gallery, "Art of Men by Men" Art Fair & Sale 10/2012
LGBT Center, "Art & Sin" - Black Party Posters, Artists Drawings 3/2012
Cheim & Read, "Postcards From The Edge", Benefit for Visual AIDS 1/2012
Forever & Today Gallery, "Petite Mort-Book Launch"  9/17 9/2011
SVA Westside Gallery, "Condition X" SVA Alumni Show 8/6-8/20 8/2011
The Forbes Galleries, "The Timberfield 10" 60 Fifth Ave 6/23-7/30 6/2011
P.J.S. Exhibitions, "Seduction - Queer Visions of Masculinity", NYC 4/2011
CRG Gallery, “Postcards From The Edge” – Benefit for Visual AIDS 1/2011

Leslie-Lohman Gallery, “Art & AIDS: Loving Life”, NYC 10/2010
LGBT Center, “Harvey Redding’s ‘Muscle Beach Sexy Art Party’” 8/2010
Leslie-Lohman Gallery, “Drawn Together”, curated by Rob Rosen 2/2010
Envoy Enterprises, “artistsFOR:HAITI (Benefit)”, NYC 2/2010
ZieherSmith Gallery, “Postcards From The Edge”, NYC 1/2010

Leslie-Lohman Gallery, “Living For The Moment”, GMHC Show 11/2009
Envoy Enterprises, “The Sparky Project”, NYC 9/2009
LGBT Center, “Stripped, Uncensored Book Party/Exhibition” 8/2009
LGBT Center, “Harvey Redding’s ‘Painted Boy Erotic Art Fair’” 4/2009
Metro Pictures, “Postcards From The Edge”, NYC 1/2009

The Barbara Ann Levy Gallery, Bridge Art Fair, Booth 8, Miami, FL 12/2008
Leslie-Lohman Gallery, “Art, Actually”, curated by Charles Leslie 3/2008

James Cohan Gallery, “Postcards From The Edge”, NYC 12/2007
SVA Westside Studios, “Printmaking Summer Residency Show” 8/2007

Sikkema Jenkins & Co, “Postcards From The Edge” 12/2006
SVA Westside Studios, “Painting Summer Residency Show” 8/2006

Recent Selected Press / Publications:

ARTWRITE #20, feature "Painting the Narrative at The National Arts Club" 4/21
Queerguru Blog, feature "Seductive Queer Art at NY's National Arts Club" 4/21
Poz Magazine, Cover full reproduction & "The Last Song" Oriol Gutierrez 9/20
Mascular Magazine, "Flora" Issue, feature by Vincent Keith, Summer 2019
Amidacare Pride Magazine, Feature by Editors, Summer 2018

Mascular Magazine, "Home" Issue, feature by Vincent Keith, Winter 2017
Next Magazine, "Art: What's Next" GMHC Show by Benjamin Lindsay  1/2015, "Best Art of the Year:2014" by Advocate Editors 1/2015, "Artist Spotlight" by Christopher Kit Harrity 3/2014
Art & Understanding, "Perception As Muse", by Angela Leroux-Lindsay  12/2013
Metrosource, "All is Bright" by Jennifer Schiavone 11/2013
Poz Magazine, "Artful Warriors" by Mark Leydorf 5/2013
Edge New, "Portraits of Hope" by Steve Weinstein 12/2012
Metrosource, "Marking The Day" by Jennifer Schiavone 12/2012
The Adirondack Review, 5 Reproduction Feature, Summer 2012 7/2012
Gay City News, Listing, Blurb, "George Towne's Erotic Geography" 6/2012
Time Out NY, Listing,Blurb, "George Towne at Michael Mut Gallery" 6/2012
Out Traveler, Online Edition, "Selections from Petite Mort", Pictorial 10/2011
Art & Understanding, "Band of Brothers", Feature by Chael Needle 8/2011
Chelsea Now, Listings Article "The Art of Pride" by Scott Stiffler 6/2011
Metrosource, Image Reproduction 6/2010
Art & Understanding, show coverage, Angela Leroux-Lindsay 5/2010
Next Magazine, Full Cover Image Reproduction 2/2010
American Artist Magazine, Feature Article by M. Stephen Doherty 12/2009
The Archive Journal of LLGAF No. #23, Interview by Nelson Santos 4/2007
HX Magazine, Feature Article by Joe E. Jeffreys 10/2002
Blue Magazine (Australia), Feature by Robert Vescio 8/2002
Art & Understanding (A&U) – Feature by Alistair McCartney 9/2001

Art Book Anthology Inclusion:
“Raunch",,Germany 2014
“We Tell Stories", Alumni - School of Visual Arts Publications 2014
"The Art of Man", Issue #11, Firehouse Publications, 2012
"Petite Mort:Recollections/Queer Public", Forever & Today, Inc. 2011
100 Artists Of The Male Figure”, Schiffer Publishing 2011
“Big Love: Sexy Bears In Gay Art”,,Germany 2011
“Completely Stripped”,, Germany 2010
“Stripped, Uncensored”,, Germany 2009
“Powerfully Beautiful”, Firehouse Studio Publications 2009

Teaching Experience:
School of Visual Arts: “Pre-College Program for High School Students”.
Courses taught:
“Basic Painting” & “Portfolio Preparation”

Awards / Grants / Residencies:
Visual AIDS – Artists’ Materials Grants '14  '13  '12  '11, ’10, ’09, ‘07
SVA Summer Studio Residencies,  Printmaking Sum ’07, Painting Sum ‘06
Stonewall Community Foundation’s Billy Heekin Arts Award 2002
Paula Rhodes Memorial Award / SVA 1997
SVA Alumni Society Award 1990